Distance covered – 6129 miles
Money raised (collectively) – £2131


The world of work and life has been dramatically and forever changed since the Covid-19 outbreak and subsquent lockdown.

The 5 Capital Charity Challenge has been carefully designed to help get you step out of your comfort zone and start developing the healthier and more sustainable habits that will allow you to thrive and prosper in the world that lies ahead.

You choose to take part in the challenge by either walking, running, cycling, rowing, wheelchairing or swimming for a specific distance or a set number of consecutive days.


  • 1km for 3 days OR
  • 5km a day for 7 days OR
  • 5km a day for 14 days OR
  • 5km a day for 30 days

Or you could just go “full in” and do 3km a day until the challenge’s official end date on 10th September 2020.

The choice of distance and the number of days you do is yours.

Just remember…the key to developing any new habit is just to get started!


The approach we’ve incorporated into the design of the challenge is based upon the work of Stanford University Behaviour Scientist, BJ Fogg, PhD.

He says there are three steps to developing a new and lasting habit.

Step #1: Get Specific

What habit (behaviour) do you want to develop? For example: get fitter.

Translate that “aspirational” behaviour into something more specific. For example you might say “I’m going to walk for 5km every day”

Step #2: Make it easy

How can you make the behaviour you want to do easy? For example: Instead of saying, “I’ll do 5km a day” and then abandoning the effort as it’s just “too much”, commit to walk for a minimum of 1km every day – you can always do more!

The research shows that “tiny successes” create the lasting behaviour changes because they encourage us to stay committed. Big aspirational goals are easy to achieve when our motivation is high but harder to stick to when life gets in the way and our motivation is low.

So stay committed to small and then do more if you feel up to it.

Step #3: Prompt the behaviour

What will prompt the behaviour?

Some prompts are natural. Others you must design.

No behaviour happens without a prompt.

For example do your new behaviour before breakfast OR immediately after breakfast.


It’s always easier to achieve something that’s important to you when you’re surrounded by people “just like you”. That’s why we’ve created a private Facebook group for all of the participants. You’ll be invited to join as soon as you’ve registered to join the challenge.

In it you’ll have a chance to meet your fellow participants, receive support and encouragement for each other and develop a sense of personal accountability.

We’ll also share information that will help you integrate your new habit into your daily routine

This isn’t rocket science but together we really can make a difference and nothing is more powerful than having a supportive and collaborative community behind you as you introduce any type of change.