Distance covered – 6129 miles
Money raised (collectively) – £2131
Day 116 - We did it!!!

In a summer devoid of major sporting events such as the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics this ambitious challenge is designed to encourage individuals and business owners to get active and collectively cover the distance between the 5 capital cities of the British Isles.

We are part of the Human Business and we believe good business is not just about making money but doing good too. That’s why everything we do has a charitable element to it.

We have been inspired by the amazing achievement of Captain Sir Tom Moore and the outpouring of kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit that has been shown over the past few weeks.

NHS Heros


This fundraising event is designed to help us develop some new healthy habits and to experience the collective energy behind being part of something that is both meaningful and capable of making a difference.

The Challenge

From The Three Counties to The Five Capitals

Starting from our home base in Cheltenham and then heading off on a virtual journey to Gloucester, then Hereford and then Worcester we’re challenging you to join us and either walk, run, cycle, wheelchair, row or swim for up to an ambitious 100 consecutive days and contribute to the overall distance of 1194 miles.

The Challenge isn’t about individual “heroic” targets, it’s not about how far you go each day. It’s about your commitment to take consistent daily action. That’s what’s going to help us collectively achieve this ambitious goal and what’s going to help you get the most out of your involvement in The Challenge.

We want as many people as possible to come together virtually and connect with each other through this shared experience.

So choose the distance and the number of days you feel comfortable to commit to then sign up, track your miles towards the overall distance of 1194 miles and raise vital funds to support the NHS Together Charity and The BBC Big Night In Appeal.

Not all of us can do great things but we can all do small things with great love

–  Mother Teresa

Why you should join our Challenge

Whether you walk, run, cycle, wheelchair, row or swim by taking part in the 5 Capital Challenge you will:


Raise money for the NHS Together Charity and BBC Big Night In Appeal.


Enhance your mental and physical health and well-being.


Make new friends.


Join a community of like-minded individuals.

new skills

Learn new skills to enhance your resilience.


Create new habits to support you in the “new normal”.


  1. We want to encourage everyone taking part to raise at least £100 for the NHS Together Charity and The BBC Big Night In Appeal or a charity of their choice.
  2. You are responsible for tracking your distance using a phone, smart watch or other device and regularly providing us with updates on your progress through our web portal.
  3. You are required to make sure you follow government advice around social distancing concerning coronavirus.
  4. You should take part on your own, or with members of your household and should participate in a safe place near to where you live.

To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care.

– Mandy Hale

It’s ambitious for a reason

If you and I, as individuals and businesses, are to successfully overcome the many challenges we will be facing in the months and years ahead we are all going to have to think differently and most importantly, act differently.

We believe the situation we are in now has demonstrated that the time for change has come. As we move into the “new normal” those who behave in a kinder more “human” way will be best placed to thrive and move on.

Join us on the 5 Capitals Charity Challenge and together let’s make a positive difference to you, your team, your business and our communities.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

– Arthur Ashe


What is The 5 Capital Charity Challenge?

The world of work and life has been dramatically and forever changed since the Covid-19 outbreak and subsquent lockdown.

As part of the Human Business, the 5 Capital Charity Challenge is really about two things:

  1. supporting people to step out of their comfort zone and start developing the healthier and more sustainable habits that will allow them to thrive and prosper in the world that lies ahead. 
  2. inspiring as many business owners (and individuals) as we possible can to come together and take part in a massive fundraising effort designed to support as many charities as possible continue to do their valuable work.

Through a combination of either walking, running, cycling, rowing, wheelchairing or swimming for up to 100 consecutive days every participant can contribute to our joint goal of covering the “virtual distance” between the 5 Capital cities of the British Isles of 1164 miles whilst learning new habits and raising money for charity.

Participants can choose to take part in the challenge based upon a specific distance or a set number of consecutive days – click here

What’s the route?

The Challenge starts in Cheltenham then goes to Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin, Cardiff, London and back to Cheltenham.

To view the FULL route via Google Maps CLICK HERE

Is there a start date?

The Challenge started on Monday 18th May.

You can join The Challenge at anytime between 18th May and 25th August (which would have been the opening day of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games).

Is there an end date?

The Challenge will end on Thursday 10th September which would have been the closing day of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. However, the new habits you’ve just created….maybe they don’t have to end!

Is there a registration fee?


Your Registration fee is a minimum personal donation of just £12.

Please remember ALL of your money goes straight to the charities – we are NOT receiving ANY funding from your donation.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter and take part in The Challenge by CLICKING HERE.

You set your own minimum daily goal. Choose one that is realistic and something you feel you could commit to on a daily basis. The key here is to establish a healthy habit that will support you in the “new normal”.

Remember you can always do more if on any particular day you feel more motivated to go further.

The key to this Challenge is to set a goal that you KNOW you can stick to.

How do I record my progress?

We recommend you record your daily progress using our downloadable “Challenge Chart” and then as regularly as you can share your progress via our web portal form.

Can I fundraise for my own charity?

Yes you can. Simply create your own funding raising page.

When you complete your “Share your progress” return just let us know who you are raising money for so we can let everyone know the total funds raised. 

Can I just donate?

Yes. If you would like to support the participants and boost the fundraising total you can DONATE by CLICKING HERE

How can I help?

If you can’t take part then you can certainly help us by either:

  1. Donating – Please CLICK HERE
  2. Spreading the word on social media about The Challenge so more people can become aware of what we’re trying to do:

Facebook – CLICK HERE

Instagram – CLICK HERE

What is The Human Business?

The Human Business exists to champion the growing cause for a new way of living and working.

Finola McDonnell, the chief communications and marketing officer of the Financial Times, recently said, The business of business has changed and you have to be thinking differently if you want to succeed.”

We believe that good business is not only about making money but doing good to. Good for our colleagues, our customers, our shareholders and our community.

That’s why everything we do at The Human Business has a charitable element to it.

In fact for the past three years we have raised over £15,000 for local and national charities.

To learn more about The Human Business and take part in one of our Meet Connect Refer events  CLICK HERE