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Businesses of all sizes face many challenges but the common thread that links them all is people. It is people who ultimately must face these challenges and overcome them. The question is are they properly equipped to deal with them?

Two reports published last year would seem to indicate they are not. One report said that 25% of employees felt unhappy at work and that employee disengagement was costing the UK economy a staggering £340bn per year. While the other said that 33% of productivity loss was down to a combination of work-related stress and lifestyle choices, and that translates into a loss of £81 bn to the UK economy.

Whilst these are clearly staggering figures, the challenges that will undoubtedly follow on from the Coronavirus lock down will have the potential to dramatically increase them. Particularly if in the push to “get back to normal”, we lose sight of the need to change the way in which we work and live and find ourselves back in the same old habits getting the same old results.

Finola McDonnell, the chief communications and marketing officer of the Financial Times, recently said, The business of business has changed and you have to be thinking differently if you want to succeed.”

Renowned retail consultant and founder of The Portas agency, Mary Portas, describes the need for what she calls “The Kindness Economy”, an economy where businesses must adopt a whole new value system and one that is about care, respect and genuinely understanding the implications of the choices they are making.

And she’s not alone in that belief.

Clever business owners have always understood that they achieve much better outcomes when they treat all the people they deal with respect and as humans with individual needs and feelings.

And the research is also there to support that belief, with leading Business Management Authors such as Tom Peters and Robert Waterman (and others such as Simon Sinek, Jim Collins, Seth Godin, Ken Blanchard, Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie) having thoroughly documented the fact that the greatest businesses (regardless of size) are not those focused primarily on profits but on those that are focused on people first and profit second!

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Terry Malloy and Phil Joseph, Directors of The Human Business say “We believe now is the time for a different approach to doing business: an approach that recognises the challenges we are all having to face but that tackles them in a sustainable and human centred manner.”

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This isn’t rocket science but together we really can make a difference and nothing is more powerful than having a supportive and collaborative community behind you as you introduce any type of change.